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Text to Speech – Use free text to speech converter tool with voice download option powered by Google and Advanced  AI based TTS/STT Technology. Check below steps for the text to mp3 conversion process. Currently our text to speech converter supports and generates various audio files such as MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and CAF in no time. Choose the best voice and your language, then listen the conversion, once satisfied with results, download text to voice file for free and unlimited.

How to Use Text to Speech Converter

Step 1: Enter your Text

Simply enter your text or paste the text content to process text-to-speech.

Step 2: Choose Speed Level

Next, quickly choose speed level to get speed of the voice for your text. Play with drag and drop options to change speed of voice.

Step 3: Select Language (English by Default)

Now, you have to choose language and gender (male/female) to get voice in selected format.

Step 4: Play, Pause, Stop and Download

You should now click on the “Play” button in order to listen the conversion, also use pause and stop buttons.

Step 5: Download MP3

Text to speech tool generates MP3 file. Click on Download button to get Text to voice in MP3 format. It’s unlimited and free, use for personal or commercial projects.

Text to Speech Features

  • Text to Speech will process text-to-audio with natural sounding voices. Currently it Supports 18 languages and variants.
  • Text to Speech converter powered by Google machine learning and other advanced AI engines, the TTS/TTS process and results could be safe and reliable.
  • Download text to voice in mp3 audio format. It supports more than 18 languages and has various voice variants.
  • You can use our text to speech converter for free unlimited and download MP3 audio that can be used for personal and commercial purpose.

Why use Text to Voice Converter?

Audio Quality and Download

The output text to speech audio is very high quality that can be understand by everyone. Moreover, audio can be downloaded unlimited times for free in different formats.

Natural Voice

Our Text to Speech converter tool generates natural human voice and user has options to choose gender and accent of the voice.

Speed of Conversion

The Text to Speech conversion process is almost instant and it convert text to speech in no time.

Accessibility Buttons

You can play text to speech conversion with different options of play, stop, speed, pause and download.

No Login Required

You need not to signup or login to use our free text to speech converter. All the process will be done in browser only.

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Text to Speech Converter FAQ

How Does Text to Speech Works?

Out Text to Speech Converter uses TTS online service powered by Google and Advanced AI based TTS Technology. It has database for various languages and voices that converts natural sounding audio that you can listen and download.

How to convert text to speech?

Enter your text, select language/accent and speed of voice. It will generate text to speech instantly that you can play and download.

Can i use it for commercial project?

No worries. You can use it for personal or commercial projects. Our text to speech service is free and unlimited for usage.

What are supported languages and accents?

Currently our text to speech converter supports 18 languages and various accents. In future, the number will jump to 100 based on user feedback.