TDEE Calculator

What is a TDEE Calculator? TDEE is the acronym for total daily energy expenditure. This calculation is for computing the total burned calories per day of an individual. A calorie or kilo-calorie is a unit used to express the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of water by 1C. It also stands for … Read more

Compound Interest Calculator

Useful Financial Calculators Please check out my other financial calculators. Mortgage Calculator – Calculate Mortgage payment with taxes and insurance FHA Mortgage Calculator – Calculate FHA Mortgage payment with taxes. Compound Interest Calculator – Calculate how much your money can grow to an enormous sum over time with compound interest. Student Loan Payoff Calculator – … Read more

CSS Minifier

CSS Minify: CSS Minifier or compressor tool helps you to Minify CSS code by removing unnecessary characters such as Spacing symbols, Comments, Line breaks, Separators of blocks from the code. Free Online CSS Minifier is useful for minifying CSS of an entire web page or just a chuck of CSS code if you prefer. CSS … Read more


What is Unminify? Unminify is an online tool to unminify JavaScript/CSS/HTML code, and make it readable and pretty. If you want to uncompress or format code, you need to paste all of the compressed code in the editor and hit on the unminify button to get your formatted code instantly. This tool is working for … Read more

JavaScript Minifier

JS Minify: JavaScript, JS Minifier is a free tool that you can use to compress/minify your JavaScript files online. It can make your web pages load faster by decreasing the size of the files served. This is an aggressive compressor but safe to use at the same time resulting to a script that will function … Read more

HTML Minifier

Minify HTML: HTML Minifier is a free online tool to minify HTML and any JS or CSS included in your markup. HTML Minify produces the lowest file size without breaking the code its minifying. It will compress the whole HTML page, including the JavaScript and CSS codes enclosed in script and style tags. HTML Minifier … Read more

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter Online JSON Formatter/Beautifier and Validator

JS Formatter

JS Formatter Online JSL Formatter/ JavaScript Beautifier

YouTube Thumbnail Download

YouTube Thumbnail Download: Download YouTube and Vimeo video thumbnail Images of HD, 4K, 1080p, HQ quality in all sizes for free. Try this sample URL to download YouTube thumbnails: Check below steps to download YouTube Thumbnail: How to Download YouTube Thumbnail? Step 1: Copy and paste YouTube video URL. Step 2: Click on Download … Read more